3D high definition video recording systems for Operating Microscopes

3D (three-dimensional) solutions of Operating Microscopes

We dedicate to 3D Video recording for Surgical Microscopes, relevant Models are CARL ZEISS, Möller-Wedel, LEICA, TOPCON, 66 VISION etc Surgical Microscopes.

3D Video recording and Viewing has become a trend in Ophthalmology line.
In order to meet the market, Neweyes inverts a comprehensive three dimensional system, with which and Ikegami (or Sony) High Definition Medical cameras, we can make High Definition Three Dimensional anterior and posterior segments’ surgery and this video can be reproduce via a High Definition 3D Monitors.

Product lists:
Dual port beam splitter------1 pcs
Video camera adapter-------2 pcs
HD Medical Video camera---2 pcs
HD 3D Monitor------------------1 pic
Microscope software-----------1 pic

1. Dual HIGH DEFINITION Video camera adapters
2. Dual HIGH DEFINITION Medical video camera
3. Dual optical paths for synchronize video recording
4. Resolution up to 3840 * 1080

1. Dual HD Medical Video Camera compatible with HDMI video signals with resolution up to 3840 * 1080
2. Compatible with blue recording
3. Compatible with wireless footswitch which can control and make a record, easy operation can be done by one person.
4. Compatible with edit for 3D or 2D High definition
5. Flexible classification and statistics of data for easier inquiry.
6. DICOM compliant