Handheld Auto Refractometer visual Screener

Handheld Auto Refractometer visual Screener

Model No.︰SW-800


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Product Description

Handheld Auto Refractometer/ Vision Screener

Model: SW-800

CE & FDA Approved

This handheld auto refractometer is an easy to use and advanced one that accurately identifies refractive errors and ocular misalignment in children and adults. Ideal for adults with small pupils (measures 4mm and greater), non-verbal patients, children, and patients with disabilities. The portable handheld auto-Refractor allows testing refractive errors easier and more efficient through a non-invasive 3-foot distance. The auto-Refractor is equipped with a  touchscreen  display with on-screen instructions to guide the user through the process. Provides an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand solution for eye care professionals.

Technical data:

Operation mode: Bino/Mono

Optometry: Automatic

DS: Range: -7.50D~+7.50D, Resolution: 0.25D/0.01D, Accuracy: ±0.05D

DC: Range: 0.00D~3.00D, Resolution: 0.25D/0.01D, Accuracy: ±0.05D

Axis: Range: 1~180 degree, Axis: Range" 1~180 degree

                      Resolution: 1 degree; Accuracy: ±5 degree

Pupil Size: Range: 4.0mm~9.0mm

Resolution: 0.1mm  Accuracy:  ±0.1mm

Pupil distance: Range: 35mm~80mm; Resolution: 1mm; Accuracy:  ±1mm

Gaze: 0~20 degree

Measuring distance: 1m±5cm

Time per measurement: ~1s

Fixation target: light flash, attractive sound

Data interface: Wi-Fi, USB

Printer interface: USB

Battery: Rechargeable lithium batteries, 6 hours of duration, Replaceable

Size: 180mm * 130mm *110mm

Display: 5 inch touch screen

Weight: 0.8kg

Optional accessories: Camera tripods, printer, etc

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