Corneal Topographer

Corneal Topographer

Model No.︰SW-6000


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Product Description

Corneal Topographer

Model: SW-6000

By PLACIDO cone, 32 rings, a total of 11520 points. Through calculation and analysis, used in the clinical diagnosis of corneal astigmatism, quantitative analysis of corneal shape, display the corneal curvature by data or different colors, can display axial curvature map, tangential curvature map, height map, simulated corneal lens map and corneal 3D map. Can be used in preperative examination and postoperative effect evaluation of corneal refractive surgery, can guide wearing contact data lens, to improve the accuracy of adaptive contact lens. 


Measuring method: Placido Cone

Coverage: 0.25mm-11mm(Diameter)

Measuring range for curvature radius: 6.35mm-9.53mm

Field of view: 11mm H* 11mm V

Illumination source: Cone  760nm red LED

                               Profile  non-visible infrared 950nm red LED

                               Fixation  530nm green LED

Diopter range: 28.0-65.5D

Placido rings: 32 rings

Measurement ball: R7.9375mm±0.001mm

Output: Optional printer

Weight: 5kg

Size: 360*380*450(mm)

User Interfaces

Main interface

Elevation Map

Combination View

Compare View

Contact Lenses Fitting

Keratoconus Screening

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