Universal Trial Frame

Universal Trial Frame

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Product Description

Main technical indicators
1.Pupil distance adjustment range: binocular pupil distance range: 48 - 80 mm; left and right pupil distance: 24 - 40 mm; the minimum scale value: 1mm.

2.Axis scale: left scale: 130 °~ 0 °~ 120 °; right scale: 50 °~ 180 °~ 60 °. The axis scale increases anticlockwise along the axis of the frame, and the marking interval is 5°.

3.Effective internal aperture of frame: Φ 33.5mm.

4.The number of lenses that can be inserted into the left and right frames: 5 (the front is 3 and the back is 2).

5.Rotation degree of optical axis of lens in inner ring of frame: 360 °

6.The nonparallelism between the optical axis of the lens and the geometric axisof the frame: ≤ 2.5 °.

7.The difference between the optical center and the geometric center of the lens: ≤ 0.5mm.

8.Displacement of the lens relative to the geometric center of the frame:≤0.3mm. 9.Adjustment range of nose pad: adjustable length: 0~25mm; angle: arbitrary angle. 10.Adjustable length range of the left and rightframe leg: 0~30mm.

11.Weight: 53g.

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