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Manual Lensmeter

  • Manual Lensmeter
  • Manual Lensmeter
Model No.︰CCQ-500
Brand Name︰-
Country of Origin︰China
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Product Description

Manual Lensmeter

Model: CCQ-500


This device is applicable to all-level measurement testing departments, spectacles manufacturers, spectacles retail stores, hospital's department of ophthalmology and optical elements factories for conducting measurement of spherical lens diopter of spectacles or lens, diopter of cylindrical lens, astigmatism axis angle of cylindrical lens, prism degree and prism basal angle.



1, Range of measurement:        -25D~+25D

Minimum scale value:         -5D~+5D: 0.125D;

-5D~-25D, +5D~+25D: 0.25D

2, Astigmatism axis angle of cylindrical lens:

0~180°Minimum scale value 1°

3, Prism degree:               Model A 0~5△ Minimum scale value 1△

                              Model B (with prism compensator)

0~20△ Minimum scale value 1△

4, Prism basal angle:           0~180°Minimum scale value 1°

180°~360°Minimum scale value 5°

5, Range of ocular visibility adjustment: -5D~+5D

6, Size of measured lens:        16mm~80mm

7, Overall dimensions:             280mm(L)×150mm(W)×450mm(H)

8, Weight:                        Model A 5.6kg

Model B (with prism compensator) 5.7kg

9, Lamp of illumination:            220V/110V  15W

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