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Handheld Auto Refractometer

  • Handheld Auto Refractometer
  • Handheld Auto Refractometer
  • Handheld Auto Refractometer
  • Handheld Auto Refractometer
  • Handheld Auto Refractometer
  • Handheld Auto Refractometer
Model No.︰sw-800
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description
The Hand Held Auto Refractometer can check the refractive error precisely for different groups of people using 
the ultrasonic ranging, cross line, flashing light and sound technology and then to find out the probably
potential refractive problems.  
Ideal for babies, seniors and patients with language barrier
If doctor can not find the long-lasting refractive error and cure it properly, children would 
become amblyopia sadly someday or lose the best chance to treat the lazy eye and finally become the
permanent amblyopia. The special model for children testing is the best way for child screening. 
It is the neccessory equipment for a doctor to master the refractive status of patients.
Non-contact and non-invasive The light power is safe for eyes; There is 35cm (14 inches) between the instrument and the eyes.
Low cooperation need It do not need too much cooperation of children. It is suitable for infants and other inconvenient people.
Automatic operation by one key Complete the automatic detection of two eyes, just need one key operation. A speedy nd intellegent design.
Easy to carry Small and light weight body and printer. Easy to carry. It is suitable for any outdoor screening.
Accurate result The advanced optical detection principle provides an accurate result including myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, axial and anisometropia.
Comprehensive detection modes Infant mode is specially design for the babies' refraction characteristic; Myopia mode is specially designs for myopia people and even high myopia people; (HAR-880 only). Adult mode is suitable for all adults.
Dual mode distance hint Through ultrasonic measurement of distance, it adopts sound and visual color light prompt the distance.
High performance battery Short charging time and can use for a long time.
Large storage capacity 420 data storage.
Ultrasonic distance measurement Automatic monitoring the detection distance through audible and visual hint.
Aiming The cross-shape is luminous and easy for aiming.
Low power warn Warn there is 15 minutes left.
Printer Thermal printer by infrared connection.
weight 0.9KG
Payment Terms︰TT/LC/Paypal/Money Gram/Western Union
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